How can I get "CASH BACK" from replacing my windshield?

The equation is simple. 

Insurance Payment = Materials + Labor + Cash Rebate


The insurance companies pay a specific rate to glass shops for your auto glass replacement. We buy the materials and perform the labor with our expert technicians. We take the profit from fixing the windshield and give you a rebate as a "thank you" for choosing our service. Terms are negotiated and agreed upon ahead of time. The process easy and streamlined. After your service is complete, you sign for the work and you are given the agreed amount. Your insurance company is billed with specialized electronic software and wait for payment. It's a WIN - WIN. 


We are the most generous with our cash back and provide the highest level of service. We use only local, and professional Master Technicians to perform our work. Auto Glass has been in our family for over 40 years. Our crew has over 180+ years of experience and has replaced over 300,000 broken windshields! We have done literally every type of vehicle on the road and know what is required to get your windshield fixed properly.


​Unfortunately, this isn't true for all Arizona glass companies. There are many "Dirty" shops out there that offer ridiculous amounts of money that  go well beyond the insurance company rates. This can lead to the consumer being responsible for the excess amount billed over the set price. Sometimes fraudulent claims are made. Arizona has auto glass replacement shops that forge dealer documents, bill for parts not used. Some have even been recently raided for various felonies and financial crimes! This can involve consumers when cases grow and nobody wants to be tied into something like that. 


We NEVER overcharge your insurance. We have the BEST technicians and back up our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee that we will do EVERYTHING RIGHT!

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